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Index of /pub/mirrors/kde-applicationdata/akademy/2011/videos/

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Frank Karlitschek - ownCloud - The next logical step for the free software world.ogv117.4 MiB2011-08-12 09:32:58
Robert Ancell - LightDM: Cross Desktop Display Manager.ogv118.5 MiB2011-08-12 09:32:41
Will Thompson - The Slothful Ways of D-Bus.ogv74.2 MiB2011-08-12 09:32:23
Richard Hughes - Making color management just work using colord.ogv108.8 MiB2011-08-12 09:32:12
Travis Reitter - Folks: Contact aggregation for Free Software.ogv62.4 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:56
Dan Williams - Network and Location Awareness in Your Application.ogv85.0 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:46
Stef Walter - Gluing Together Usable Desktop Crypto.ogv86.8 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:33
Marcus D. Hanwell - Open Source Visualization of Scientific Data.ogv51.7 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:23
Lennart Poettering - systemd and Login Sessions.ogv64.4 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:17
Kevin Ottens - We're a family -- How five years of University Collaboration changed our town landscape.ogv70.7 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:08
Colin Guthrie - PulseAudio: Control and Command - State of Desktop Integration in GNOME and KDE.ogv84.6 MiB2011-08-12 09:31:00