Eddi4TeX 2.01

This text is available in German, also.

Eddi4TeX is an editor and shell designed for the work with TeX. The following summary gives a rough idea of the capabilities of the package, feel free to test and judge yourself. See below for information on the package, how to obtain it and for a list of new features, if you know Eddi4TeX already. At the end of this document you find some legal information, some data on my person and a contact address.

Information on the package (back to top)

How to obtain the package? (back to top)

The package consists of three different parts, you may not need all of them. Switch to "Load to disk" and click on the ones you desire:

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Legal information (back to top)

Eddi4TeX is shareware and must be registered after a test period of 30 days. All functions are provided in non registered versions, Eddi4TeX does not come as crippleware.

The person behind "Ulrich Jahnz" (back to top)

I was born in 1969 and right now I am finishing my studies in biotechnology at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. My main interest is in microbiology and genetics, if you should know someone to offer me a PhD, please contact me.

How to contact me? (back to top)

If you have any questions or suggestions on Eddi4TeX feel free to contact me.

Ulrich Jahnz
Mittelweg 37
38106 Braunschweig

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