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Document Reviewer

Reviewers maintain the quality of TLDP's HOWTOs and Guides.


A document reviewer's responsibilities vary somewhat depending upon the type of review being conducted. There are both technical and language reviews. Technical reviewers are responsible for judging a document's technical accuracy. Language reviewers are responsible for proofreading documentation for proper spelling, grammar and continuity.


The amount of time needed to review a document depends upon its length, but generally reviewers spend between two and six hours on a document. Reviewers should also expect to spend an additional hour per document to verify changes were properly incorporated.


Technical reviewers must posses a good working knowledge of the HOWTO or Guide's subject. Language reviewers must have good English language and grammar skills.


Reviewers work in concert with the review coordinator to determine work flow.


All new authors are encouraged to read the Reviewer-HOWTO and to subscribe to TLDP's editors mailing list.

Policies Affecting Assignment

Reviewers should contact the TLDP's editors mailing list to announce their intentions prior to beginning a document review. This helps to avoid duplication of effort.

Benefits Of The Position

Becoming an reviewer gives volunteers the chance to learn about the topic under review as well as offering a way for non-programmers to contribute to the Linux community.

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