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Mirror Maintainer

The mirror maintainer ensures the quality of TLDP documentation hosted on sites other than



Generally, one hour per month is sufficient. More time is needed when performing quality checks. During this three week period, twice annually, the work load is closer to one or two hours per week.


The mirror maintainer should posses some basic HTML knowledge to maintain the list of mirrors, and also know some scripting to debug or improve the check scripts. Understanding rsync is an additional asset.


The mirror maintainer reports additions and changes to TLDP's general discussion mailing list and to the TLDP news editors.


There is no formal training for this position.

Policies Affecting Assignment

The mirror maintainer needs to establish a user account and password with Ibiblio and this account is subject to Ibiblio's network usage policy.

Benefits Of The Position

The mirror maintainer helps spread the TLDP collection all over the world.

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