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Authors write the HOWTOs and Guides that are essential to TLDP's mission of creating documentation for Linux-based operating systems.



The amount of time needed to create documentation varies. It is also important to factor in time needed to maintain documentation. Because technology changes rapidly most documents need to be updated once or twice a year in order to remain relevant.


Authors must posses a good working knowledge of the subject at hand and have good English writing skills.


The author position does not have a direct supervisor. Documents are evaluated by peer review and by the TLDP review committee.


All new authors are encouraged to read the Author-Guide. Any specific questions can be brought up on TLDP's general discussion mailing list.

Policies Affecting Assignment

Documents submitted are subject to peer review by the TLDP community and proofreading by TLDP's review committee.

Benefits Of The Position

Becoming an author for TLDP offers the opportunity to spread your documentation world-wide, for free.

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