Virtuozzo Containers

vzmigrate - Virtuozzo migrate utility

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Virtuozzo
This utility can be used to migrate Containers between physical servers running the Virtuozzo
Containers software.


vzmigrate-7.0.149-1.vz9.x86_64 [407 KiB] Changelog by Pavel Vokhmyanin (2022-01-17):
- increase ITOA_BUF_SIZE for long long int variables #PSBM-137585 (Aleksandr
Leskin <>)
 - fixed build by removing unused part of code #PSBM-137585 (Aleksandr Leskin
 - fixed wstringop-truncation error by temporary disabling it for SET_CTID
macros from libvzctl #PSBM-137585 (Aleksandr Leskin
 - fixed wstringop-truncation errors for strncpy function taking into account
TRAILING ZERO #PSBM-137585 (Aleksandr Leskin <>)
 - add default initialization for variable #PSBM-137585 (Aleksandr Leskin

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