qemu-kvm-vz - QEMU is a machine emulator and virtualizer

Website: http://www.qemu.org/
License: GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ and BSD
Vendor: Virtuozzo
qemu-kvm-vz is an open source virtualizer that provides hardware
emulation for the KVM hypervisor. qemu-kvm-vz acts as a virtual
machine monitor together with the KVM kernel modules, and emulates the
hardware for a full system such as a PC and its associated peripherals.


qemu-kvm-vz-2.9.0-16.13.vz7.76.2.x86_64 [2.8 MiB] Changelog by Roman Kagan (2018-03-06):
- DROP: tcmu: Introduce qemu-tcmu #PSBM-79773
- DROP: tcmu: update to libtcmu-1.3 API
- Revert "add qemu-tcmu to qemu-img subpackage"

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